Emily and Rob Ingwersen founded Ginger Hill Design + Build, Southern Maine’s premier green building firm in 2008, with the intention of utilizing a wealth of experience to create elegant, economical, and environmentally sound spaces.  Rob and Emily built their house in 2010; they were able to fuse all of these principles in that project and took great pleasure in the process. They feel privileged to raise a family in a home they adore and that was made with an over arching ethic of love. They help others to do the same.

Both dedicated to making attractive and sustainable design as accessible as possible, Emily and Rob believe that everyone deserves a home that is comfortable, safe, and environmentally sound. Implementing value engineering, where budget informs design, Ginger Hill Design + Build enjoys the challenge of maintaining high design standards while working within cost constraints, and has found that creativity is often born from restriction.

Experienced. Economical. Environmentally Sound.

Rob + Emily

Rob Ingwersen has over twenty years of experience as a builder in Maine and British Columbia, Canada.  Rob’s father was an engineer and an architect and his mother was an artist; both parents instilled an aesthetic with a focus on function that remains with him.  In Canada he studied and applied innovative green building techniques, and brings that knowledge and dedication to Ginger Hill Design + Build.

Rob studied sculpture in college, that experience informs his home designs, which are light, clean and simply modern.  He was brought up in a family that prized creativity and beauty and he brings that value to Ginger Hill Design + Build.

Emily Ingwersen has a diverse background, all of which integrates seamlessly with the green building industry. A passion for the water led her to work on boats and eventually to a job as a marine engineer, gaining expertise in efficient systems for small spaces. In addition, Emily worked for years in floral design and has a keen attention to detail and a passion for functional, appealing designs.  Emily has also managed a ten million dollar facility in Portland, ME. In that position she was able to drastically increase efficiency, cutting the organization’s utility bills in half.  Transferring her knowledge to home design and construction has been a natural evolution.

Emily and Rob live in a house on a large parcel of land that the extended Ingwersen family owns together.  They consider this land a treasure and seek to take great care of it. Both are passionate about green building and study ceaselessly so that they are current on changing building science practices. Ginger Hill Design + Build sources local and sustainable, non-toxic materials as much as possible and all projects are built for maximum efficiency. The health and well-being of the homeowner, their family, the community and the planet form the core of Ginger Hill Design + Build’s work.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We worked with Ginger Hill Design + Build in 2013 to renovate our garage into a master bedroom and bath.  Robbie was patient and thoughtful during the design phase, he listened to us and offered good suggestions.  Once the renovation began, his crew was friendly, professional and always left a very clean job site. Robbie was timely and communicated with us at every stage, he accommodated and encouraged us to do the parts of the project we wanted to do ourselves. We love our new space and were very happy throughout the process, we highly recommend Ginger Hill Design + Build, they are experienced, responsive to client needs and do great work!”

– Sadie Bliss + Loc Chanler, Portland, Maine

                                                                       Ginger Hill Design + Build, Southern Maine’s premier green building firm